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 This innovative Erasmus+ KA2 project promotes the Outdoor Education (OE) in kindergartens, with special regard for those children with mobility impairments

The age we live in is characterized by epochal challenges involving the entire Planet, due to the ecological crisis generated by the destructive relationship between humans and the environment.

In order to be able to face this enormous challenge, Europe has lined up at the forefront in an attempt to make a decisive change aimed at reducing the impact of human activities on the environment.

However, to reach radical changes, it is necessary to create a precise learning paths that can lead learners from an early age to “sustainability knowledge, skills and attitudes”.

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About the project

An important approach in this field is represented by Outdoor Education (OE), in other words “a crucial tool for promoting kids’s and adolescents’ pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours, as well as their feelings of connection to nature” (S.Pirchio).

Nowadays, OE is still poorly applied by ECEC teachers in their daily work, especially in presence of pupils with MI; concerns are mostly
related to: health and safety issues, parental concerns and/or lack of understanding regarding the benefits of outdoor learning.

The OUTDOOR4MI project aims to address these issues in the partner countries and to provide teachers with innovative key competences useful for implementing OE activities, both inside and outside the classroom, including those essential competences for engaging pupils with mobility impairments, for whom a connection to nature can be more difficult due to physical accessibility.


The main objective of OUTDOOR4MI is to promote the Outdoor Education in training a new generation to respect the natural environment from an early age. It will be reached by offering the teachers educational resources aimed at facilitating the implementation of OE activities in kindergartens (pupils of 3-5 years old),with special regard for those with mobility impairments.


Increasing the implementation of OE activities in order to foster sensitivity and awareness in terms of respect and connection with the natural environment in 3-5 years-old pupils.


Developing inclusive OE strategies to enable all learners, especially those with MI, to enjoy benefits of OE by offering them “a safe, nurturing and caring environment and provide a social, cultural, physical space with a range of possibilities for kids to develop their potential” (COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION on High-Quality Early Childhood Education and Care Systems).


Increase the skills of ECEC teachers:

(A) in implementing the place-based educational approach that characterizes the OE, also bringing the external environment into the classroom;
(B) in using innovative digital tools in OE activities;
(C) In applying an interdisciplinary approach in OE activities,which also include STEAM subjects;
(D) in communicating to parents the value of the OE approach,also in an inclusive key.

Project Phases/Activities

OUTDOOR4MI project will elaborate

  3. TEACHERS TOOLBOX (WP4): a collection of resources for ECEC teachers to implement inclusive OE activities and workshops for 180 kids aged 3-5 (24 have a MI) in kindergartens. Through local School Advisory Boards, a Transnational Training event and Local Training sessions (for 70 teachers), resources will be tested and then shared with stakeholders during 7 Multiplier events.


  1. GUIDELINES: support ECEC teachers in designing effective and accessible OE settings with a focus on the accessibility of environments for children with mobility impairments. The Guidelines are accompanied by three Video Tutorials, which provide the information contained in the document in a visual and easily transferable way.
  2. TEACHERS TRAINING CURRICULUM: supplies to teachers’ skills to convey OE activities focusing on MI kid
  3. TOOLBOX: a set of practical OE activities for implementing inclusive OE WORKSHOPS based on DIGITAL tools and INTERDISCIPLINARY approach with a focus on kids with MI.
Teachers’ improved skills
Kids and families’ awareness of the OE importance
Stakeholders use resources in their daily work


Consorzio per la Cooperazione e la Solidarietà (Italy)
Municipio de Lousada (Portugal)
European University Cyprus (Cyprus)
Directia Generala de Asistenta Sociala si Protectia Copilului Harghita (Romania)
Asociación Mundial de Educadores Infantiles (Spain)
Newark School (Malta)
Spazio aperto servizi (Italiy)
Project number: 2023-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000165552
Project Title: Outdoor Education for Pupil with Mobility Impairments in Kindergarten
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